Karmic relationships are related to karma in a sense because they are thought of as relationships that we need in our lives in order to grow. These relationships test us and our understanding of love and relationships. We will discuss 15 Undeniable Signs You Are Dealing With A Karmic Partner. So let’s get started.

Karmic Relationship

A karmic relationship is one in which two people are brought together to work out karmic issues or patterns. This might include patterns of codependency, abuse, or other unhealthy dynamics. Karmic relationship can be intense and challenging, but they can also be healing and transformative. Karmic relationship stages can be very challenging for the people involved.

15 Undeniable Signs You Are Dealing With A Karmic Partner. (Part-2)

15 Undeniable Signs You Are Dealing With A Karmic Partner.

1. Your morals and values are tested
You may be faced with the choice between doing what is right and standing up for what you believe in or compromising your values to keep the peace.

2.Repetitive cycles and patterns
You notice repetitive cycles and patterns in the relationship. For example, your partner blames you for everything that goes wrong and takes no responsibility for their own actions. you find yourself forgiving them over and over again for the same behavior.

3.One-sided codependency
It feels like your happiness is entirely dependent on their happiness. Typically, one person is in control while the other is dependent on them.

4.They are addictive
You will feel like you cannot live without them. This is because you are so used to giving and receiving love from others that you need someone else to give you that same feeling.

15 Undeniable Signs You Are Dealing With A Karmic Partner. (Part-2)

5.Something feels ‘off’
One of the first signs that you are in a karmic relationship is that you will notice something that feels ‘off’. You may feel as if your partner is more interested in their phone than they are in you. You might notice that they seem distracted or uninterested.If this happens, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship is doomed. It may simply be that there are some other things going on in the relationship which need to be addressed before you can move forward happily together.

6.Experience a rollercoaster of emotions
When you meet your karmic partner, it’s like riding a roller coaster. The relationship is often intense, and the highs are high and the lows are low. When he or she does something wrong to you, it feels like an attack on who you are as an individual.

7.Anger and rage
Rage and anger are the most obvious feelings to experience in a karmic relationship. These feelings can be powerful, and they can sometimes feel out of control. It’s important to remember that rage is not just an emotion. It’s also spiritual energy that can lead us down certain paths in life if we don’t learn how to deal with it properly.

8.Bring out the worst version of yourself
You may feel insecure, jealous, and angry when your partner does something that makes you uncomfortable. You may find yourself going through irrational mood swings and feeling like you need to control everything around you. It’s important to realize that these feelings aren’t necessarily caused by what your partner is doing — they’re coming from inside of you. The more you focus on your own issues and look inward for answers instead of outward at your partner, the more peaceful your relationship will become.

9.Communication issues
They are not available in your bad time of your life. They will ask you about your thoughts, your plans, your next action. But they will never talk about their feelings or emotions. They do not want to share their thoughts or plans with you.

10.Irresistibly drawn to them
In a karmic relationship, you feel irresistibly drawn to someone. Although you are attracted to this person on a physical level, there are other aspects of your attraction.

11.There is a lot of drama
These relationships are tumultuous. Both of you are creating lots of confused emotional thoughts with in yourself which creates a drama.

12.There’s an instant connection
The most obvious sign is you feel that you’ve known the person before. You will thought both of you are match made in heaven.. This is the game of karmic partner.

13.They make you exhausted & frustrated
All the ups and downs, miscommunications, and codependence become energetically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting, especially when they’re around.

14.They are illogical & abusive
Their logic is from their perspective they will not try to listen from your perspective. In most of all cases they are abusive in nature. They always want to exploit you. If you will say no or if you will take a stand against it they can’t tolerate it. Because they are egoistic.

15.They are emotionally blackmailers
if you want to break all the ties they will try their best to stop you. They can threaten you to leak your pics& videos publicly. They can threaten you they will cut nerves of their hand. So don’t ever get into their emotional trap. If you will fall into it there is less chance of your escape from this karmic partner.

That’s all for today. In my next blog I will tell you a story about this karmic relationship. I think it will be helpful for all of my readers what exactly karmic relationship is. To be continued ……………

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