Root Chakra is the first chakra of our body.  Root Chakra acts like a basic foundation for all chakras.  Root chakra is an instinctual energy center. In today’s blog we will discuss about root chakra & 5 easy steps to activate  your root chakra & signs/symptoms of blocked root chakra. Root chakra helps us to survive on this earth. Root chakra is also related with your finances & monetary gain. If money is creating a big issue in your present life then you should read this article & follow its step to activate it. So there will be no monetary issues in your life. So let’s get started.


There are 7 CHAKRAS in our body (i.e- Root chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat chakra, Third eye Chakra & crown Chakra). Chakras are wheel of energy in our subtle body starting at the crown of your head and traveling down to the base of your spine . each chakra allows energy to flow through the body. 1st one is ROOT CHAKRA. It is present in your body on the inner side of your genitals.

Natural element of Root Chakra – Earth

Color assigned to it is – Red

it is located on the base of spine means inner-side of genitals.

It’s also called as Muladhar Chakra


 5 Easy Steps To Activate Your Root Chakra


Signs & Symptoms Of Blocked Root Chakra

When your 1st chakra (ROOT CHAKRA) is out of alignment you will be unable to feel sense of security in your home & with your family.
Physical Signs
1. Weight gain
2. Weight loss
3. Constipation
4. Pelvic pain
5. Incontinence

 5 Easy Steps To Activate Your Root Chakra

Mental Signs
1. Increased distractibility
2. Rushing from one task to another
3. Feeling exhausted or lethargic
4. Increased feelings of anxiety, stress or depression
5. Feeling stuck
6. Inability to take action
7. Unnecessary fear

5 Easy Steps To Activate Root Chakra

1. Reconnect with nature
Go on a hike, spend your time with nature, gardening, walk on bare foot in your garden, stay connected with trees & animals & birds, feed animals & birds. These activities will help you to heal your blocked root chakra.

 5 Easy Steps To Activate Your Root Chakra

2. Speak positive affirmations
when you wake up from your bed in morning time speak these-
” I am safe”
” I am fearless”
” I am a powerful human”
” Universe has my back”

 5 Easy Steps To Activate Your Root Chakra

3. Practice yoga & meditation
Practicing poses like Mountain, Side-Angle, Warrior, Standing Forward Fold, and Bridge is a great way to recenter your mind, body, and spirit and welcome positive energy. For meditation you can do breathing exercises.
Sit on the ground
close your eyes & imagine a bright red light on your genital
Start chanting “LAM” for 5 minutes.
You will feel the vibration on your pelvic muscles.

 5 Easy Steps To Activate Your Root Chakra

4. Take a healthy diet
Eat fruits, red bell pepper, tomatoes & all red colored fruits & veggies as per your choice. Eat salad. Drink juice & water & detox drink. Cut down junk food, fast food & cokes & high cholesterol meats.

 5 Easy Steps To Activate Your Root Chakra

5. Face your fear
Fear is the most common emotion in blocked root chakra. Your mind will tell you 100 ways to run away from your fear but you have to face it. If you will not face your fear you can’t feel powerful in your body & in your mental state.
F= Face
E= Everything
A= And
R= Rise up

 5 Easy Steps To Activate Your Root Chakra

I hope this blog will help you to claim your power back in your mental & physical level. Deal with your fear. Don’t run away from it. Because you are the most precious creation of this universe. So claim your power back & show the real world who you are. Do the practices to activate your root chakra. I will meet you in my next blog. Stay happy & keep smiling because life is beautiful. see you.



Que 1- What are the powers of root chakra?

Ans- The Root Chakra, (Muladhara) is located at the base of the spine, and connects us to our sense of survival, security, and independence. When the root chakra is in balance, we feel stable, secure, full of energy, health, and stability.

Que 2- What is the gift of root chakra?

Ans- The gift of the root chakra is trust & fearless. Trust is essential to creating a strong foundation in the root chakra, and that gives us the stability to rise into the higher frequencies of the upper chakras without any fear.

Que 3- What is the importance of root chakra?

Ans- The root chakra is comprised of whatever grounds you to stability in your life. This includes your basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and safety, as well as your more emotional needs.
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