Aura is an energy shield around us which protects us from negative energies & negative entities. When our aura is damaged it would effect negative impact on our mental health, emotional health & physical health.  I will explain 6 Simple & Powerful Ways To Protect Your Aura in this article. So let’s get started.


Aura is a term used to describe the energy field or atmosphere that surrounds living beings, objects, or spaces. In various spiritual and esoteric traditions, it is believed that everything emits an aura, and different colors or patterns within the aura can indicate different aspects of a person’s well-being or personality. Some individuals claim to have the ability to see or perceive auras, using their intuition or psychic abilities.

6 Simple & Powerful Ways To Protect Your Aura

1. White Light Cloak
White light is space within the universe that hold positive energies. White light can be called by anyone. This type or protection creates a shield that prevents other energies to harm you or your aura.

1 Take a few deep breaths to slowly calm yourself
2 Close your eyes, sit straightly or stand if you wish
3 When you breath in imagine you are filling yourself with white light
4 When you exhale imagine that your energetic space is filling up with white light. Take a few more deep breaths and notice how you feel.
5 Now imagine your body is completely covered in white shield or white cloak. Imagine your shield few inches from your body protecting you from harm of outer world.
This exercise is great if you do it before you go out in public, on meeting, on family gathering,… You can do this protection exercise anywhere and anytime.

6 Simple & Powerful Ways To Protect Your Aura (Part-2)


2. Golden Shield
This amazing exercise also helps you suck out all negative energies that are still stuck in your body & mind.

1. Imagine golden light coming down through your head and pink light coming up through your feet.
2. Imagine golden light making a shield around you like a cocoon
3. See how gold creates a shield and when its completely closed see with your third eye how all negative energies are sucked out of you! Observe how you feel after that.

6 Simple & Powerful Ways To Protect Your Aura (Part-2)



3. Crystals, stones & rudraksha
I used to wear Rudraksha  (8 faces rudrakshya).  It protects us from negative energies to enter through our mind. Your mind will be cool & calm. Your anger issue will be tamed by wearing it.

In crystal I used to wear combination of 12 crystals in one bracelet on my right hand (i.e pyrite, citrine, green aventurine, amethyst, clear quartz, tigers eye, sodalite, lapis lazuli, black obsedian, malachite, hematite & rose quartz)

6 Simple & Powerful Ways To Protect Your Aura (Part-2)

Black Tourmaline
This is another powerful protector! It can be used to cleanse energy and protect against negative forces. It is known as a powerful grounding stone, providing a connection between human spirit and Mother Earth. It will help to keep your energies balanced and positive. Its excellent for meditation and healing, reducing stress and anxiety. It will protect you on emotional, spiritual and physical level.

Wear it as a jewelry, place it near bed, keep it in your pocket or purse,…
Cleanse your crystals on full moon or you can simply put it under the moon light on full moon

Make sure to cleanse your crystal before using them. You can simply keep them in hand and bless the water from pipe and hold them under the flow. If you can imagine how they are getting cleansed that is even better. You can also put them into the water glass over the nigh, smudge them,…


4. Imagine a Happy Place
Close your eyes and imagine the happy, calm place that resonates with you the most. It could be a seaside view or beach where you listen to the waves, the forest with fresh air and birds singing. Maybe you hear a spring water or a small brook; imagine sitting there and being present for just a moment.

6 Simple & Powerful Ways To Protect Your Aura (Part-2)

5. Expand Your Aura
To do that create the energy with your hands with rubbing them together for a few moments. When you create a lot of heat between your hands, pull them apart. Slowly put them close together again and feel the pull you have created! Than imagine you have created a white ball between your hand that you can now expand. Just play with it for a few moments and when you pull your hands apart slowly feel how it expands. Set any intention to the ball, send love to it or protection or anything. Than go with your hands all around your personal place and imagine expanding and filling the holes in your aura.

6 Simple & Powerful Ways To Protect Your Aura (Part-2)

6. Work on Loving Yourself / Self love
Low self esteem its also a big cause of weak energetic field around you. You get easily hurt by others if you don’t value and respect yourself. If you are an empath setting boundaries is crucial thing to do, find different ways to show yourself love everyday. Do self care & treat your body nicely. Start observing your thoughts and catch the negative ones and replace them with positive ones.

6 Simple & Powerful Ways To Protect Your Aura (Part-2)

That’s all for today . I hope all of my lovely readers are completely aware about the Aura & 6 Simple & Powerful Ways To Protect Your Aura . I hope all of you will apply the steps & will protect your Aura easily from negative thoughts & negative surroundings. Ok I will meet you in my next blog. Stay happy & stay blessed. See you.



Que 1- What do auras in pictures mean?

Ans- Auras  indicate spiritual expansion, expressiveness, extroversion, social activity, and desire for connection, gregariousness, and positive outlook, sense of adventure of your soul.


Que 2- What instrument is used to measure aura?

Ans- Aura scanner machine is a helpful tool for analyzing the exact cause for all this. It comes with samples that check the level of the five elements of space, air, water, fire and earth.

Que 3- Why do auras happen?

Ans- There is evidence that  aura is due to an electrical & magnetic waves  that move across the brain. Human is also like a machine. Electric field & magnetic field are continuously  flowing through out our whole body & mind.  When electric field & magnetic field overlapped with each other Aura creates.
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