Have you ever wondered what type of your relationship is? Are you feeling emotional turbulence in your love life? Then it may be a Karmic Relationship
In today’s  blog we will discuss about karmic relationship: everything you must know about it.  We will discuss signs & symptoms of karmic partner to detect them easily. This article will be very long so I have decided to write this article in part wise manner. So let’s get started.

Karmic Meaning

The root word of KARMIC is (KARMA). Karma is related to deeds, actions & consequences of your action. There is a saying that- “Every Action Has An Equal & Opposite Reaction”. You will reap what you will sow. Means whatever work you will do you have to bear consequences for it. You can hide all of your deeds from your family, from society & from your relative etc. But you can not hide it from divine source/ God/Universe. Divine source /god/ universe always checks on your level of karma. If you have done good karma it will bring you happiness. If you have done bad karma it will bring you one of the worst night mare in your life. So be aware of this KARMA. So be careful what are thinking for others & what are you doing in your life. Thought is also a part of KARMA. If you have created a negative thought for your friend then this same type of thought will reflect back upon you by another people. so don’t get carried away by any peer pressure or to be stud. You have to hold your moral values high from any of the peer pressure & everything.


Karmic Relationship: Everything you must know about it

Types Of Relationship

There are 3 types of relationship-

1. karmic Relationship
It is karmic debt of your past life which you could not complete in that life .So that’s why in your present life karmic partner comes to your life to teach a lesson. If you learn your lesson then your karmic debt with that partner is completed. You will move to next level of your life. Your karmic partner will automatically cut all the ties with you after completing your lesson.

2. Soulmate Relationship
A soulmate is a person who you have a strong connection with and share similar interests with — a person who could be considered your best friend in some way or another. The only problem with soulmates is that there isn’t always an intense connection between them like there is with twin flames. You will feel like left out in your soul level. You will feel like something is off. you can’t explain it to anyone.

3. Twin Flame Relationship
Twin flame is two people who were splited into two different bodies but share the same soul, same level of energy, same nature same attributes. It is an intense connection. If you partner is hurt or crying you will feel hurt & you will cry also. Both of you can read mind of each other. This is a very powerful & intense connection. Means i will make you understand in simple terms that in twin flame relationship your partner is a mirror soul of yours. if you will feel low your partner will feel low. If you will happy your partner is happy. Just like in my case & I am married with my Twin Flame. It was a very tough journey but I completed it.

Ok next we will discuss about Karmic Relationship


Karmic Relationship: Everything you must know about it

Karmic Relationship: Everything you must know about it

A karmic relationship is one in which two people are brought together to work out karmic issues or patterns. This might include patterns of codependency, abuse, or other unhealthy dynamics. Karmic relationship can be intense and challenging, but they can also be healing and transformative.

The key is to be aware of the karmic patterns at play and to approach the relationship with conscious intention. If both parties are committed to working through the karmic issues, a karmic relationship can be a beautiful opportunity for growth and transformation.

All human beings have a karmic relationship that is part of their spiritual calling. Even I had also a karmic relationship. karmic relationship does not mean that your love partner is karmic. Anybody can be karmic in your life like- Your grandparents, Your in laws, your parents or your children. it can be anybody in your life.

There are many theories about karmic relationships, but essentially they’re relationships based on unfinished business from a past life. These relationships teach us lessons we need to learn to grow and evolve. Even though they can be difficult, they ultimately help us to become better people. But trust me if you learn your lesson & you complete your karmic debt with that partner you will transform into the best version of yourself. You will feel a change in your whole body. You will be amazed on yourself that you have changed. There will be a change in your behaviour, your thought process,  your attitude & your conversation. You will feel like- a new version of you has taken  rebirth.
Your family member, your friends will also be amazed by  your changed version.

So don’t be afraid of this Karmic Relationship. Gain some power & strength to deal with it

ok that’s all for today. I will complete it in my next blog. See you . To be continued ………………..



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