An aura is referred to as the combination of electric field & magnetic field ( Electro-magnetic Field) that surrounds all living things. The different colors of your aura are said to provide insight into your emotional and spiritual well-being. Today we will discuss about  how can we protect our What Is An Aura : 11 colors, Readings & More from negativity. I will complete it in part wise manner. Let’s get started.


Aura is a term used to describe the energy field or atmosphere that surrounds living beings, objects, or spaces. In various spiritual and esoteric traditions, it is believed that everything emits an aura, and different colors or patterns within the aura can indicate different aspects of a person’s well-being or personality. Some individuals claim to have the ability to see or perceive auras, using their intuition or psychic abilities.

But in science aura is an electromagnetic radiation of all living body. In simple terms aura is a combination of human energy field & their vibrational frequency.

What Is An Aura : 11 colors, Readings & More. (Part-1)


Your aura demonstrates your current, dynamic self, which is constantly evolving in response to the perpetual alterations in life. Your aura portrays your current awareness, feelings, emotions, life encounters, mental structures, habits, yearnings, and hopes

How to figure out your aura

To test your visual abilities, you can try to spot it yourself by gazing softly at somewhere on your body, or rubbing your hands together, slowly pulling them apart, and seeing if colors appear. The more you practice this, the better you will become at seeing the energetic field around your body.

How to see another person’s aura

The same principles here apply as above: if you want to see someone else’s aura, first, know you’ll have to stare at them a bit. Hold your gaze on them steadily until you start to see the glow around their body, and whether it’s a certain color. It’s really that simple, though not everyone may be able to see auras as clearly. Now-a-days there is machine which can read your aura  (i.e. Aura reading machine). You can check your aura by the help of that machine.

What Is An Aura : 11 colors, Readings & More. (Part-1)

11 Colors Of Aura & Their Meaning

1. Red– energetic and fiery
2. Orange– creative, action-oriented, and positive
3. Yellow– sunny, charismatic, and confident
4. Green– loving, compassionate, and nurturing
5. Pink– kind, caring, and loving
6. Blue– powerful, insightful, and flowing
7. Purple– intuitive and empathic
8. Indigo– sensitive and empathic
9. White– pure, wise, and spiritually connected
10.Black– tired and low
11.Rainbow– busy, energized, and confident

But before the protection of your aura you have to cleanse yourself:

1. Burn sage, palo santo, incest sticks and smudge your energetic field and your home
2. Light some scented candles with intention of cleansing energies that doesn’t belong to you
3. Imagine white light cleansing your energetic field
4. Take a salt bath (But don’t take head shower in that salt water otherwise your hair will be grey in colour)
5. Sprinkle salt in corners of your house, window shelfs and doors or uyou can mop the floor with salt water twice a week.
6. Take a brisky walk in nature to reduce cortisol
7. Write down situations, emotions, that doesn’t serve you anymore with a black inked pen. Then burn that paper immediately & throw that outside of your house.
8. do breathing exercises like (inhale- hold- exhale).


That’s all for today. I will complete it in my next blog. Stay blessed & keep smiling. To be continued………………

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